Make-up products these days can contain potentially hazardous chemical substances, such as phthalates, triclosans, aluminium and parabens. The risks are greater if girls start to use make-up when they are too young. On average a young girl uses around 17 cosmetic products daily (including nail enamel and hair dyes), versus the 13 products adult women use.


Today, as consumers, we can choose what we want to put on our faces with full awareness.

Naturalmente’s overall view of beauty is found in the new make-up line Breathe Make Up Therapy.

With ingredients from plants and flowers sourced from organic farms, natural and gentle colours for eyes, lips and face have been created. Make-up now becomes a treatment with soft textured velvety bases and moisturizing powders. 

The colors expresses themselves like shades of nature that conjures up unique emotions every day.

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