Naturalmente Basics

Naturalmente Basics

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The Basic Range consists of various shampoos and conditioners that cater for different hair-types and needs.  As with all Naturalmente products, our shampoos and conditioners contain pure, organic essential oils and fragrances derived from the botanical kingdom – plants, flowers, roots, seeds, oils, fruit, spices and resins. 

They are free of petrochemicals, animal substances, synthetic perfumes, sodium lauryl sulphates or parabens.

We need to wash our scalp and hair to remove the ‘dirt’ or impurities that build up from petrochemicals, medication, pollutants in the air and trace elements in the water. Modern man has come to believe that if something lathers, it cleans.  This is certainly true when it comes to hair.  We want hair that’s ‘squeaky clean’.  The truth is that squeaky clean is actually over clean.  Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS or SLES) is a widely used petrochemical surfactant (foaming agent) that strips both the scalp and the hair of its natural oils, leaving the scalp’s pH levels in disarray.  Naturalmente has created a range of products using plant-based surfactants that are gentle on the pH of the scalp, thus caring for your skin as well as cleaning your hair.  

It is important to remember that your scalp needs care too.  That’s why Naturalmente is gentle on the pH balance of the scalp.

The longer you use Naturalmente’s range of shampoos and conditioners, the less often you will need to wash your scalp hair and the less product you will need.

You will also notice:

•             Your scalp’s pH level and production of natural oils will balance

•             You’ll notice an increase in hair growth and a decrease in hair loss

•             Your hair will become less uncontrollable and more manageable

•             Your hair will have more volume from the lack of chemical product build up

•             The natural form, texture, body and shine return to the hair

•             Your hair loses the smell of synthetic perfumes, replaced by fragrant pure essential oils

•             Hair colour will instantly improve 

Naturalmente consists of cleansing shampoos to remove impurities as well as nourishing shampoos to replenish moisture and protein levels that have been compromised by colour processing, perms and heat from flat irons and blow drying. Nourishing treatment conditioners also strengthen and hydrate hair that has been compromised, while surface conditioners close and seal the cuticle layer of the hair, therefore creating softness and shine.

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