Here is a complete list of pet products that can be used for you pets..

1. BarleyLife - an overall nutrient dense plant supplement. High in chlorophyll for healthy breath and teeth. Alkaline forming and so helps with pain in muscles and joints 1-2 tsp daily in water with 1-3 Tbsp of Flax oil or blend or Aimega capsules (3-6). Helps with immune,  skin, hair and joint health 
2. Aimega - Contains all essential fatty acids needed for health in capsules form
3. Flora Food - empty capsules over meals once a day - helps with digestive health )improves nutrient absorption) and improves breath smell
4. Pet Spray - Herb & Aloe based spray that helps speed up wounds and keep ticks and fleas at bay - add 10ml - 100ml of Neem oil to each bottle if the ticks and fleas are a serious problem
5. Pooch Bar - suitable for all pets including cats - contains Neem oil - a safe and efficient way to get rid of ticks and fleas and keep them at bay
6. Neem oil - oil from the Neem tree - a remedy as old as humans used to keep parasites at bay, improve skin conditions including eczema (on humans too), hair lice, sand fleas etc. Safe even when consumed - tastes and smells like garlic.
7 Frame Essentials - Contains MSM, Glucosamine and Chondroitin - found to improve aches and pains associated with inflammatory conditions like arthritis
8. Drinking Aloe - improves digestive and skin conditions in pets and humans
9. Aloe in a tube - ideal for mouth ulcers, wounds (including burns) and eye problems - apply as needed

10. Aloe toothgel - Contains aloe and bee products that are antiseptic and healing and may be swallowed safely.

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Natural Mozzie and Miggie Spray 50ml

Natural Mozzie and Miggie Spray 50ml

Natural insect repellentMozzie & miggie spray 50ml & 100ml Safe ..


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