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Naturalmente Elements

Naturalmente Elements

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It’s important to ensure a healthy scalp in order to reduce hairloss.  An unbalanced diet, a stressful lifestyle and lack of exercise canall cause scalp anomalies.  Naturalmente’s Elements range, dedicated tothe prevention of hair loss by re-balancing the scalp or repairing the hair, is100% organic, plant-based aromatherapeutic treatment with the aim of teachingpeople to manage their own scalp issues.

Elements is based on the four elements – Air, Water, Fire andEarth. The range consists of a three-step process of treatment ampules, shampooand a healing hair mask. While the Earth products targets hair re-structuring,the other three are for re-balancing of specific scalp issues.

AIR:                      Dry scalp, dandruff, psoriasis, hair loss

FIRE:                    Inflamed, reddened and sensitive scalp, hair loss, psoriasis

WATER:              Oily scalp, oily dandruff, hair loss, hyperhidrosis

EARTH:                Dry, chemically treated, brittle hair, protein deficient

The range is designed for people who require a practical and quick,yet high quality and deeply effective scalp and hair treatment. For those whodo not often go to hair salons, it is also possible to use this service athome. It is recommended to alternate salon treatments with DIY treatments.

Through the constant use of the Elements shampoos, hair loss can beprevented due to the essential oils that stimulate blood micro-circulation. Allshampoos contain distilled lavender water as well as many sugars. The variousactive ingredients include soya proteins, Xanthum gum, Guar gum, extract ofwhite willow and other specific essential oils.

The products contain no harmful substances, petrochemicals oranimal derivatives such as collagen, keratin or placenta. Only natural productsfrom certified organic farms are used.

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