Frequently asked questions

Why don’t you sell your products in regular stores?

      We tried selling our products in large and small retail stores and found that the people who worked there did not use the products themselves or even care – to the point where the customers and or staff would damage or eat the products and the stores would send them back to us. Retail stores also mark-up way more than they should and  don’t rotate the stock, with the results that our preservative free products would expire on the shelves and not taste best. So we find that for us to get our products into your hands in the freshest condition at the best prices, you need to purchase directly from us.

 We have now made it so easy for you do this by rewarding your loyalty with a 9% cash back reward , and the ability to earn a good monthly income from telling others to do the same and with options for purchasing and options for posting.

Why do you only have 1 store and why in Gordons Bay?

    We have one store because we cannot split ourselves in 2 or 3 and we happen to live in Gordons Bay

Can we sell your products at our local market?

  Yes you may as long as you pay up front and purchase on line or collect from the store

Why don’t you give a free shipping option?

 We give a generous 9% back if you join our Loyalty Rewards cash back system and spend R500 or more per month. And if you tell others you get 7% off their sales and if they tell others you get 5% of those people and 3% on the next level and 1% on the next 3 levels. So not only can you pay for your postage out of the money you get back, you could do this as a full time business and earn in excess of R100 000 a month if you just get 5 people to do what you did and help them find 5 people and repeat this down to your 6th level.

In other words, we pay you to get healthy and be kind to the environment