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Almonds Imported NP 1kg

Non Pareil - means without equal or "simply the best"Almonds are the only alkaline forming nut and a..


Almonds Imported NP 250g

Non Pareil - means without equal or "simply the best"Almonds are the only alkaline forming nut and a..


Almonds Local TM 1kg

Texas Mission - The almond with flavour Almonds are the only alkaline forming nut  and are..


Almonds Local TM 250g

Texas Mission - The almond with flavour!! Darker in colour but a more 'almondy' flavour to them, the..


Chia Seeds 250g

Little miracles seeds high in Omega 3, complete protein and almost every mineral and trace element i..


Flax Seed 250g

Great source of protein, omega fats + minerals like calcium. Grind for maximum benefit. Also aids sl..


Millet White Dehulled Organic 1kg

Millet is that tiny seed we usually feed to birds. It grows naturally in Africa requiring littl..


Pecans halves Raw 200g

Pecans Nutrition in a Nutshell Although pecans are typically associated with the holidays or f..


Popcorn 1kg

Non GMO - sweet  corn for popping Make with organic Coconut oil for the most amazing popco..


Pumpkin Seeds 250g

We have the most delicious pumpkin seeds, which are not only a great source of protein (up to 30%) b..


Sesame Seed Natural 250g

Sesame is a flowering plant in the genus Sesamum, also called benne. Numerous wild relatives occur i..

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Unit 1&2 Wasabi Park, 74 Mountainside Road, Gordon’s Bay (Opposite the new Checkers Centre)


021 856 2500 / 084 22 44 200
082 336 6747

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Monday - Friday/ 9:00AM - 4:00PM

About us

In 1991 Mary-Ann and Mark Shearer opened their first shop in Craighall Park, Johannesburg. It was called “Mary-Ann’s Wholefood Emporium” – It started out as a health food store supplying preservative-free dried fruit and light vegan meals and the dream was to have a place filled with ‘natural’ foods, clothing, furniture, energy-saving gadgets and a whole host of eco/natural lifestyle products. Here at Mary-Ann’s we pride ourselves in bringing our customers the absolute best quality products available with minimum carbon footprint. Even our packaging is made from plants.. (cellophane made from tree cellulose) and can bio-degrade in your very own compost heaps. Read More...

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