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Gluten-Free Pasta (3mm Spaghetti) 375g

Better than the any pasta - light and delicious Made with 100% rice flour. Boil rapidly for a..


Gluten-Free Pasta (5mm Fettucini) 375g

Gluten free, best pasta - light, easy to make , delicious BOIL RAPIDLY FOR ABOUT 8 - 10 MINUTES, DR..


Gluten-Free Self-Raising Flour (Baking Mix) 1kg

Ingredients: Thai Rice Flour  Cream of Tartar  Bicarbonate of Soda Baking Inst..


Organic corn chips, 80g NON-GMO

Made with organic corn and de-flavoured coconut oil and that's all!Hand-Cut  then fried in de-f..


Quinoa White 500g

Quinoa is a high protein food, related to spinach and beets, even though it looks and tastes like a ..


Rice Brown whole grain 1kg

Our 100% short grained whole grain rice is the best rice we have ever tasted and we simply cannot ea..

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Unit 1&2 Wasabi Park, 74 Mountainside Road, Gordon’s Bay (Opposite the new Checkers Centre)


084 22 44 200 / 072 846 7228
082 336 6747

Working Days / Hours:

Monday - Friday/ 9:00AM - 4:00PM

About us

In 1991 Mary-Ann and Mark Shearer opened their first shop in Craighall Park, Johannesburg. It was called “Mary-Ann’s Wholefood Emporium” – It started out as a health food store supplying preservative-free dried fruit and light vegan meals and the dream was to have a place filled with ‘natural’ foods, clothing, furniture, energy-saving gadgets and a whole host of eco/natural lifestyle products. Read More...

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